I can not send any HTML e-mail

since the last month I can’t send HTML messages,

I have checked the profile, the HTM format, the config file, etc.

I check the hearder of the e-mail and is text,

and update to the new version (3.2.2), and nothing, all e.-mail are send in text

I have using this DB for the last year without problems,

Please any sugestion.

Thank you in advance

You might want to check to make sure everyone is setup to receive an html email…
"Subscribers’, ‘Manage Subscribers’, ‘Reconcile Subscribers’, ‘Mark all subscribers to receive HTML’

Also, when you are sending a campaign, Tab 3, format: send as HTML.


Thank you for your answer. Excuse for my English, there are too many time that I don’t write in English.

All my subscribers are marked as HTML and in the tab 3 HTML is clic. And no body receive HTML e-mail, all people receive text, but this morning I find the possible problem, normally I send HTML and text messages in the same campaign, in the tab 1 send a WEB page or HTML message and in the tab 2 I use “Generate text from HTML”, now if I generate the text for this function, all messages are send as text and if I write the text by hand, the messages are send in HTML and TEXT in function to the subscriber preference. Then I test with other Web page (only 1 image) and generate the text from HTML and running ok, for this reason I think that the problem is the web page (the source HTML), in this weekend I follow investigate.


This afternoon I chek my problem and the conclusion are:

         1) when I send my web page (or the same in HTML)  and nothing in the TAB 2 text messages, PHPLIST send only text e-mail.

         2) When I send my web page (or the same in HTML) and in the TAB 2 generate the text message from HTML, PHPLIST send only text e-mail.

         3) When I send my web page (or the same in HTML) and in the TAB 2 I write the message or a stupid text, for example aaaaaaaa, PHPLIST send all messages ok.

 Sincerally I don´t know what happend with my HTML page, I knowm only HTML in a basic mode, and my web page is made wiht Dreamweaver.    

Thank you for the answer.


When you use the html editor within phpList to create a campaign, you are not building a complete email. You are building part of the page. There is a default template that is applied, with a footer, and css styling:

“Config”,“Settings”,“Campaign Settings”, and see: “The default HTML template to use when sending a message”; and " Default footer for sending a campaign"; and " CSS for HTML messages without a template"

I would suggest that you create a new message template, and use that for a test, or “Send a web page” and send your html page that you created, after you upload to a url that phpList can see.

If creating a new template fixes your sending, then your existing default template is broken. If you can send an html page, then something is wrong with the html templates, etc.

You can always re-initialize your database to erase all of your settings and restore the default settings. Try your tests after the re-initialize. If you still have the same problems, I would re-install from scratch. It should work right after a clean install.

this is always good for testing https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch024_diy-super-simple-template.xhtml