I am not able to see full template list

I am not able to see full template list. i can see only first few around 20 templates . can you help me to see all the templates.

my list contains more then 50 templates

There should be a button somewhere on the page to see next 20?

Which version of phpList are you using please?

version = phplist-3.2.4
i hv attached screenshot. there is no arrow . for campaign list i can c the arrow

A workaround might be to look at the url in the browser, and manually modify the url to display starting a different template number.

By the way, that’s a lot of templates…

Can you make a feature request for there to be a next button? https://www.phplist.org/development/#bugreport :wink: :slight_smile: x

I have 3.4.0 and only one template appears by default… is this normal ?

Yes, only two templates are available by default – one system template, and one that you can add using the ‘add template from default selection’ button. The phpList manual is in the process of being updated on this subject.