Hyperlink to see newsletter on browser


In my old PHPList 2.10.19 I have a hyperlink on the footer where user can click to see the newsletter in browser, if something don’t work well with email client.

The url was something like this:

The version 3.6.1 have this option?

Thank you

@AMota You can use the View in Browser plugin. Use the Find Plugins button on the Manage Plugins page to see the available plugins.

Thank you @duncanc
I test on draft message, put [VIEWBROWSER] on template, the hyperlink url shows but when I click it the page say “File not found”.

That only works when I do a real send?


@AMota The plugin does not issue a “file not found” message.

If you meant “Not allowed to view message 999” then that is because the subscriber must either be on the lists to which the campaign is being sent or be a super admin. Ensure that you select the lists for the campaign before sending the test email. Then view in browser will work for the test email.

@duncanc My fault!!!
When I get the screenshoot to show you I found the issue, this browser I use for testing automatic change http to https. Clear all cookies and history, work now!!

You are always my savior!! Thank you so much