HTML, with remote images embedded - test - blank page

If I select just “HTML” formatting, then send a test email, it works.

But if I select “HTML, with remote images embedded”, then try to send a test email, I’m directed to a blank page, and nothing is sent.

@LambdaEnt when a blank page is displayed try viewing the HTML source as there may be an indication of the error.

Also, you can enable error reporting in file admin/init.php, change 0 to -1 in this line


Strange it work when only HTML, but give an error when Embedded.

I enabled error reporting, attempted the test again, but nothing was logged when viewing
System:Log of Events

Here is the HTML source of the redirected page:

@LambdaEnt There’s nothing extra in the html source of the blank page.

Have you defined $tmpdir in the config.php file? It needs to be a directory to which phplist has write access.

I did not change anything in config.php
config.php has:
$tmpdir = ‘/tmp’;
Permissions are 0755

I changed permissions to 0777

I am still redirected to a blank page

Any thoughts? Trying to make this work, please.

@LambdaEnt Have you checked the php error log? Otherwise I don’t have any suggestions. The plugin works in my phplist so I guess it is a problem with the php configuration on your server.

Another thing you try, is on the ‘blank page’ you are directed to, ‘view source’. it may show part of the page, but ‘crash’ at some point… if the source is completely blank, then it’s not getting to that page.

Lastly, I believe that phplist has to have access to the image file, so make sure it has the right permissions and user/group ownership.

You also might want to make a test withIf a simple html email with a simple, small image.

In the end, As Duncan mentioned, it’s probalbly that your server is misconfigured, i.e. missing the php module that encodes the image (uuencode?)

I installed this software via cPanel/Softaculous. I didn’t change any configs, or alter it in any way. I created a list, started my first email as a test, with nothing but a few words and one image, which was uploaded using the editor in phpList. I assumed it should have installed properly and just worked.