HTML not working properly

So., I’ve got a template ready.

I have it in html format., I’m copy pasting the same, after the tag., this is what comes out.

[Image in the next reply., since I can attach only 1 image]

help me please.

There it is.

Please explain whereabouts you are pasting the html. You need to be editing the system template.

Also the system emails do not support the same placeholders as a campaign email so you probably won’t be able to achieve exactly what you have shown.

Well., I’m pasting the html at :
Config -> Settings -> Message subscribers receive when they sign up
Screenshot :

Well., pardon me., but I have no idea about that., please elaborate.

Well., placeholders like [EMAIL], [UNSUBSCRIBEURL] and others are getting executed successfully in plain text format, so I believe that there’s no problem on the placeholders

@souvik2701 If you want all of the system emails to look similar then you need to create a system template on the Manage Templates page.

Have you created a subscribe page? If so then you need to modify the fields on that page, not on the Settings page. The latter are defaults for when you create a subscribe page.