Html mail not send and no error msg


I’m using the latest version (after migration from an old one)
I succeed in the update, meaning that I can see all my campains and users. nice :wink: Thanks btw.

I can send text email BUT not the one with html.
I don’t see any error msg and when I send a test email, I receive the confirmation that it went OK but no html mail received in my inbox (neither spam or similar).

I’ve already removed the image for the powered by in the config file. No success.

Any Idea?
How can I provide more info for support?


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I found the problem :
the header of the HTML email was with an Encoding = quoted-printable
the header of the Text email was with an Encoding = 8bit

=> I’ve forced the HTML email to be with header Encoding=8bit

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I have the same problem after update to last version (v3.6.14) but after change your idea in init.php still can send text mails, but not html (i can send it, but without any [CONTENT])

Any idea? Any help?
Thanks in advance