HTML emails mangled up in Microsoft mail clients

Hi Folks,

Testing PHPLIST output, I’m sending to several test email clients. In gmail, forwarded to my Mac mail client, no problem. Turns out excellent. However on a friends Windows 10 computer, with Microsoft’s default mail client, it’s horrible. There’s words broken up by (non-existent) spaces, there’s HTML code fragments appearing, there’s spaces disappearing between words, causing them to run-on.

Also, on my own test “hotmail” account (via web browser), the results are also mangled. There’s “equal signs” ( = ) instead of line breaks, words are broken up by more equal signs, images don’t show up etc. Even after I give “outlook mail” permission to display. I’m not a Microsoft fan at the best of times, but this really takes the cake.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (the email is based on a URL send-out.)


@Gary101 You need to change the encoding used. Search this forum for “quoted printable” to find previous discussions.