HTML Editor stopped appearing when creating or editing

I was using an older version of PHPList


(I think it was version 3.6.8 suddenly the ckeditor stopped showing up in the editor field. The only change between times of use was the server was upgraded to php 8.0
Thinking the php list version was old i upgraded it to - v3.6.13 still it did not work
I upgraded ckeditor to the latest version offered via your plugin page.
Still does not work.
The checkmark is showing green for enabled.

What can I do now?

@yitzi On the Settings page check the value for the URL to ckeditor


Hi Thanks, I did as you suggested, but it still did not work. I removed the plugin and reinstalled it from the GitHub link. Same issue.

So I deleted it and installed TinyMCE and it works. So good enough I guess.

@yitzi If you want to continue with CKEditor, you can try using the developer tools in your browser to see the html requests and also any javascript problems. Usually ctrl+shift+I will open developer tools.