How-to: update your Discourse preferences

Hello everyone,

Below I’m listing a few steps to take by anyone who wants to update their profile preferences, hence this Discourse instance is linked to WordPress instance.

In order to create a Discourse account in the first place, you will be prompted to do so on where you practically create a new account on WordPress. Then, you can login on using the same credentials.

In order to update your forum preferences (ex. change your email, password, avatar or even add a bio to your WP account) you need to do so there. On the WP Dashboard click on the “Profile” option and from there you can change your account details. Note: you cannot change your forum username once you create your account (this is a default settings option), unless you have special permissions. In case you wish to do so, please DM me and I’d be happy to help with this.

Keep in mind that on the meta category you can find many more tweaks that have been posted in the past regarding Discourse. :wink:


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I changed my avatar in Gravatar (two weeks ago) but I can’t see the change in WordPress, Buddypress or Discourse. (WordPress shows the phpList logo and Discourse my previous avatar).

I changed my email but the avatar stayed the same. :confused:

Hi Angel,

We just updated this option on Discourse. You can update your profile picture directly on your Preferences here on Discourse. :slight_smile:


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