How to tweak processing time of sending campaign


  1. I am sending list of campaigns with “n” number of subscribers, while sending the campaign at the same time, the start time are little bit difference for each campaign, but the end time are same time.

What will be the processing method of PHPLIST to send campaign, it will send one by one in queue or it will send all the campaigns at same time.

See the below screenshot for your reference.


  1. 10 user sending a campaign to list of subscribers, in each list there are 10000 subscribers, so overall 10 * 10000 = 100000 mails we are sending at the time. As per PHPLIST, it takes 100 mails / per minute approximate (in my PHPLIST 80 to 90 mails / per minute), according to that to sent 100000 mail it will take more than 16 Hours, but i want it to be sent this 100000 mail by 1 or 2 hours, how to tweak this?

Below i give our way of processing method for your reference.

You would want to look at the various parts of your system, figure out what the slowest parts are, and then speed those up.

If your system is creating 80 emails/minute, and you want that faster, you need to determine what is taking up time, and reduce that. In general, you would want to be using fast hard drives, and lots of ram and a fast cpu, with quick database access. You should also look at the time it takes for phplist to talk to the next stage (load balance server). It would be difficult to give exact instructions via the phpList forums… everything depends on everything else.

Very generally speaking, here’s a list of bottlenecks in likely order of impact:

  • slow phpList queue / batch processing settings
  • slow SMTP server settings (resource usage, wait times, etc)
  • bad list quality (slow remote server response time / dns issues)
  • slow SQL server (configuration or resources)
  • slow phpList queue processing / web server (if they’re the same or different)

It sounds like speed is important to you for larger campaigns – phpList Hosted is built and managed for fast delivery of large campaigns. Message me if you’re interested in a service package.