How to turn off the phpList Logo

I run a newsletter, more as a hobby… it does not make any profit. Therefore I want to keep the costs as low as possible.
The open source solution phpList comes very close to my idea of offering an ad-free and yet easy to use newsletter.

Unfortunately, every message will have a small logo with a URL attached. I would like to turn this off.

I understand that phpList also lives on the degree of popularity. So I will mention phoList in the footer of every mail.
But there is another reason why this logo and the link are difficult. Some mailproviders sort out mails with such identifiers and put them in the spam folder. I would like to avoid this in any case. My subscribers have all registered the newsletter in the double opt-in.

I hope someone can explain, how i can turn the logo and its url off.
And again (as i stated it in my former Topic), I tried to find an anser by myself. But all i found was out dated or didnt work.

Thanx a lot :slight_smile:


Add the following to your config.php file, as explained in the extended file.

// We request you retain some form of credits on the public elements of
// phpList. These are the subscribe pages and the emails.
// This not only gives respect to the large amount of time given freely
// by the developers but also helps build interest, traffic and use of
// phpList, which is beneficial to future developments.
// By default the webpages and the HTML emails will include an image and
// the text emails will include a powered by line

// If you want to remove the image from the HTML emails, set this constant
// to be 1, the HTML emails will then only add a line of text as signature
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