How to subscribe/unsubscribe my users using PHP

I have three lists for my customers to subscribe to, and which they can unsubscribe from any time they want.

  1. How do I implement a subscribe form in my website?
  2. the POST request is going to be sent from my backend side, not from my front since there is some stuff i need to do before subscribing the user to a list. Is there a way to achieve that?
    I am still new to phplist and this is the first time i am doing it, can someone please help me?

Have you checked the manual initially?

This will hopefully give you a good start into understanding how phpList works.

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Thank you for replying to me. I checked the manual, and followed it to this link. So I should use this ?

@Hadeel That’s one option. Maybe the best fit as you need to process the data on your server first.

Alternatively you can submit a simple http post request to a public subscribe page that you can create using the phpList 3 Web UI. There should be plenty of examples and how-tos for that approach in this forum.