How to solve The attachment repository does not exist or is not writable

Dear all…
My PhPList work as usual but I have a message The attachment repository does not exist or is not writable. How to solve it?

OS: Windows Server
Laragon 5, PHP 7.4.9, Apache 2.4
PhpList v3.6.7

you will create an attachment in the phplist files main directory and if you are going to use this personal write plan later, the suffix path in config.php will be used with the path new from /tmp and it will be the exact one that will be written for you

@breaker84 Add or change this line in the config.php file to a directory that phplist can write to.

// the attachment repository is the place where the files are stored (if you use
// this needs to be writable to your webserver user
// it also needs to be a full path, not a relative one
// for secutiry reasons it is best if this directory is not public (ie below
// your website document root)
$attachment_repository = '/tmp';

But if you do not want to use attachments on emails then you can disable that by adding or changing this line


it seems that I already change the line with ‘D:\laragon\tmp’
the folder is writable, I can also see some new files created.
but yet the message keep appearing.

@breaker84 I don’t know, but I don’t use Windows so am not able to try to repeat the problem. The files in that directory are those that you have added to a campaign email, not something else?

I think that you can use ‘/’ instead of ‘’ as the directory separator, so try changing that.

@duncanc I do not have such a problem, I told the method that he can do to help the friend who opened the topic :slight_smile: