How to setup a processqueue cron job on HostGator


For a week now, I’ve been vainly trying to create a processqueue cron job via HostGator cpanel. So far, nothing but heartache.

I’ve tried using php and php-cgi. The problem seems to fundamentally come down to inability to supply login/password to the cron job. I am making that assumption based on the fact that when the cron job runs, I get an email chock full of html, which, when I display as a page, creates a form asking for login and password. A real bit of Sherlock Holmes deduction, eh? :slight_smile:

I’m at a loss. Or a dead-end crossroads, choose your metaphor.

I wonder if it’s possible to edit config.php and somehow add the login info? Willing to try anything at this point. It’s time to send out my weekly email newsletter, and using the web-based phplist will guarantee I start getting blacklist rejections for sending the email (the reason for wanting to use cron). Regardless of throttling it back to a mere 200 emails/hour. With a 10 second throttle value.

Anyway, any guidance on getting a cron job that works on HostGator is much appreciated. The errors seem to be associated with HostGator, which does not support php-cli.

I would suggest setting up the cron job using the secret, which I covered on another message. That way you don’t need to login.

You don’t do that. See the online manual for how to create a cron job

What you need to ascertain from Hostgator is the command required to run command line php. From your earlier comments neither php nor php-cgi will do that.

Unfortunately, HostGator doesn’t currently support CLI version of PHP.
In addition, I’m actually having to use using phplist 2.0.6 (!)
However, after I contacted them today, they are upgrading to the latest supported version of phplist, which, as I understand supports a secret mode (?), that may at long last allow me to set up a cron job that will actually run. Although I will need to do a deep dive into whatever that variant requires.

Thanks for your input.

EasyCron is a cronjob service which provides services of calling specified URLs at specified time or by time interval.
PS: a tutorial at

If I set up a cron job using the secret, will the non-superuser administrator be able to process the queue?
Thank you