How to set up cron job in 'plesk for windows server'


I have browsed through quite a few links but unfortunately could not find the exact process with settings to set up a cron job… preferably the one with the ‘secret key’ on plesk for windows server. Also, what settings or changes needs to be done in the config.php. Please note that here the phplist is setup through plesk for windows server and the file is different from the linux one. And are there multiple methods?

?? Probably a dumb statement above but just trying to convey the scenario.

I possess no programming knowledge but can browse the plesk screen and the config.php file

Thanks in advance

As only people who use the same control panel as you will be able to answer your question, and it doesn’t relate directly to phpList, you may not get an answer to this here, unfortunately. I don’t use Plesk so don’t know the answer.