How to set up a password for a subscriber?

I have a user who has forgotten their password and followed the instructions to get a new password. They got the message that a password token had been sent but no token was ever received. Checked Junk and Spam and not there either.
I test by trying to reset my Webmaster password and had same issue.
We are on phpList 3.6.5.
Any ideas on how I can manually set a password for the user?
All help appreciated.

@Webmaster There might be an error reported on the Event Log page.

Hello Duncan,
There is an error in the Event Log. It says “invalid login from, tried logging in as”.
This person has Admin access but not super Admin Access. I have gone into the Manage Administrators from the Config page and resent a password token but nothing being received. I then tried the same to my account as Webmaster (not Super Admin) and also didn’t receive a token.

@Webmaster As a work-around you can edit the database admin table directly using phpmyadmin or similar.

Change the password field to the new password value. phplist will then hash that value when the person logs in successfully.

Also, just to be clear, you are referring to the password for an admin, not a subscriber, which you put in the title of your original post.

Hello Duncan,
Thank you for your advice. You are quite correct I am looking for the password with admin status but not super admin. I have taken your advice and gone into phpmyadmin and edited that admin user and set a password for him. I am just waiting for him to let me know how he got on.
Will update here once I know.
Thanks for your help. Yvonne

Hello Duncan,
Success. My Admin user has now managed to get the password token and is logged in. Thank you for your support and assistance.