How to send newsletter in blocks of 500?

Hello. I have a limit on how many emails I can send per day. I imported 500 subscribers, sent newsletter, then tried to remove subscribers and import second batch but PHP won’t let me as I have sent a newsletter.

I then installed a second copy of PHP on my server, created a new database, pointed Config to it, but I cannot initialise it. Get following error when I go to

Database error 1146 while doing query Table ‘foo_foo.phplist_config’ doesn’t exist

So, question one, is there an easier way to do it and, two, if not then how to bypass error?

Thanks in advance.


@Walrus You should use batch processing so that phplist limits the number of subscribers that it sends to.

See the online manual

Thanks, Duncan. I can do that for next batch. Need to get rid of error so I can log in and import more subscribers.