How To Send Bounce Emails To Bounce Email Address

I just managed to get a proper bounce email report from statistics after sending a campaign.

I did this by using the same email account as the SMTP account I am currently using.

I am missing something from the configuration. I understand that I can have a separate email address for bounced emails. Where do I configure this? Is this an email server configuration?

specify the email address you want bounces sent to in the config.php file.
you can find it in this section of the file, uncomment ‘$message_envelope’ line, and fill your address for the bounces

Settings for handling bounces
# Message envelope. This is the email that system messages come from
# it is useful to make this one where you can process the bounces on
# you will probably get a X-Authentication-Warning in your message
# when using this with sendmail
# NOTE: this is *very* different from the From: line in a message
# to use this feature, uncomment the following line, and change the email address
# to some existing account on your system
# requires PHP version > "4.0.5" and "4.3.1+" without safe_mode
# $message_envelope = 'listbounces@yourdomain';