How to send a PDF Attachment

I can’t find how to attach a pdf file as an attachment to a simple message. I don’t see it in the manual. In earlier versions I used the tab attachment, where has it gone?

You need to enable attachments by adding a line to your config file. if it isn’t already in your file then look in config_extended.php and copy the appropriate line.

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Thank you very much. I’ve got the idea. But the next question is of course: which line, where and how?

Just search the config or config_extended file for the word “attachment”.
If you didn’t install phplist yourself then you might want to ask the person who did to make this change.

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# set this to 1 to allow adding attachments to the mails
# caution, message may become very large. it is generally more
# acceptable to send a URL for download to users
# using attachments requires PHP 4.1.0 and up

I have added this section from config_extended to config.php. And indeed, I see the tab attachment. But sending a testmessage with an attachment didn’t work. Something I have to add in config? Or something my provider has to solve?
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If you added a file on the Attach tab then it should have been attached to the email. Check that the file really is listed on the Attach tab, and ensure that you are sending an html format test message.

Otherwise I have no other suggestions.