How to remove or find out subscribers with invalid email?


I use PHPList version 3.2.6 and i found one issue on it.

In Reconcile subscribers page, i see the option for delete the subscribers user who have invalid email address.

Now, when i click on this button always get 0 user’s deleted. while in my user groups having two invalid email.

Also any alternative way for find the invalid email subscribers list and remove it.

When you say invalid email address do you mean an email address that is syntactically incorrect, like or an email address that would be valid if it existed? In the first case on my reading of the code, phpList should detect it, in the second case, it won’t.

If possible, without disclosing personal information, can you give an example of an invalid email?

For example.

In my user group i have one invalid user email address like below.


So, When i click on button delete the subscribers user who have invalid email address then i didn’t found any invalid user in my user group.

see screenshot.