How to remove grey and black organization name interface with site-logo

Hello to support members,
I have asked this in my past topics for setup-site-logo but no one can give me the right way to setup; actually I have uploaded my site logo at:
Config>Settings>General Settings>Logo of the Organization && this will be not found at:

But my site-logo can’t appeared and in place of site-logo grey and black organization name interface appeared at present.
Just like “Ethical Pets” in this image:

Can anyone tell me that why this could happened and how to correct it.
Thanks and hope to get correct method for site-logo as soon.

Hello to all,
It’s wondering for me that how can this happened and the second most interesting is; no one know about this or having no answers for this problem, it’s “Great”!
I appreciate for this since I have checked this by installing PHPlist V3.3.1 on another sub-domain and the same cause comes again; Site-Logo can’t visible at right place and where this uploaded image goes; I can’t find that image in either Dirs images or uploads.

Thanks and for PHPList official supporters; It’s a type of error in v3.3.1 and need to be corrected soon.

@Peteh2 No need to be scarcastic. This forum is voluntary support, there is nothing official about it.

If you had googled for “phplist site logo” then the first result explains how the site logo is used.