How to modify public page form markup

Hi everyone,

although I’m using phpList for a couple of years now, this is my first post here. Lets start by saying thank you to the developers and the community for providing such a reliable and solid tool!

Here is my question: How do I modify the form area of public pages?

I’m aware about the possibility to change the header and the footer of public pages like the subscription page (settings->header/footer) , but I can’t find the place where the actual form is stiched together.

Among other things I’d like to change the markup of the subscription page. I’m using bootstrap in a lot of projects and being able to drop in the same styles I’m using for the main project would save a whole lot of time.

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@webwohnraum Hi Patrick, thanks for your appreciation!

You can change the complete styling of the page, including rendering (but not structure) of the forms using the header and footer which you mentioned.

To change the forms, you need to create a custom subscribe page. Then you can set which attributes and fields will be included there. This is documented in the manual and in other forum posts, which is most likely why nobody else replied to you before (seeing the topic title).