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How-to: Mark topics as "solved"


This forum is dedicated to the phpList community and questions/suggestions/feedback community members have. It is great to see that many of the issues users face get resolved pretty fast with the suggestions of other community members.

Oftentimes there are several topics that the same issue is being discussed. In order to help future users to find a solution faster and avoid duplicated topics on the same issue, Discourse supports a “solved” plugin. Practically this means that is if we have a question that has been successfully answered we can mark the topic as “solved” and help others in the future get a solution to their problem faster.

This feature is only available on the Support category and can be used only by the creator of the topic and users of this forum with “moderator” rights.

How to use it:
Underneath the reply that offers the best solution you will find an icon with three dots. If you click on that you will see the “solved” icon. By clicking to this icon the topic is marked as solved.