How to make mailinglists available to every admin?

Is it possible to add multiple owners to a mailing list?
We are an elementary school and I would like, as a superadmin, to prepare mailing lists for all teachers.
So different lists, available to all teachers.
Can I change something somewhere in the config to make this possible?

I also don’t mind if the mailing list has no owner at all when that makes the lists available to everyone.
I don’t want to register all teachers as superadmin.

Does anyone know a solution to this?

Thanks for an answer

@Rovanov It is not possible to give access to a list in that way.

But if you want only to allow ordinary admins to choose any list when sending a campaign then you can make a small code change.

In file admin/send.php line 151 is

$list_content .= listSelectHTML($messagedata['targetlist'], 'targetlist', $subselect);

change that to

$list_content .= listSelectHTML($messagedata['targetlist'], 'targetlist', '');

thank you so much Duncanc !
This is exactly what I needed.

Now, as a superadmin, I can create an email list for all classes and the teachers only need to choose the class.