How to invite subscribers when importing

Thanks for the basics of the import features. Is there any way to send confirmation requests for imported emails? There used to be an option for that, but I can’t find any way to do it now. My ISP requires users to be invited to a list, not automatically confirmed.

I don’t think so - you can send them a campaign saying essentially:

“You have been added to our list, click here to unsubscribe”


Would that be okay do you think?

Thanks for the thought. Unfortunately that wouldn’t work. My ISP is very strict about their opt-in policy, I’d need to send an email giving the, the option to join instead. We collect emails at public events and want to bulk import them, but have to enter them one at a time since the ability to sent an opt-in email was removed.

Hi, first of all, sadly no, there is no automatic option for this. There was one, but it was abused a lot (ironically) so it got removed.

The closest thing would be to mail them and ask them to “sign up” (actually to a list) and blacklist all those who don’t join that specific list after a certain time. So, make a list called “not-opted-in” and then mail them all saying please opt in by filling out this form, which would be a subscribe page for a list called “opted-in”: then blacklist everyone who is not on opted-in. it is basically the same system but you will have to manually do some of the work.

Secondly, your ISP is being a bit stupid in my view. Even countries with stricter laws, like Canada, allow simply a previous relationship, for example, the person bought a product from you within the last year, as a good enough reason for emailing them (as long as there is an unsubscribe). Additionally, they are making it hard to change software provider, which is dumb and anti-progress.

huh, actually there is a plugin:

installation instructions here:

Sorry for my previous rant :wink:

Awesome, thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out! It’s very much appreciated.

And no worries about the rant. I get your point. I have to admit I don’t completely understand how “Mark this email as spam” buttons work, I know they’re trying to keep their servers off the bad-guys list. More practically, since we accept emails at public events, I’d prefer to use an opt-in just in case someone gives us someone else’s email, accidentally or on purpose. (I have an early Yahoo! email address that’s used all the time by other people, drives me crazy.)

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