How to incorporate the GDPR clause into the forms?

Good morning, Thank you very much for your collaboration!

I know it seems like a basic question, but after reading the manual and different forum entries, I have not found “how to embed the privacy clause + checkbox” required by the GDPR.

Sorry for the basics of my query. Thank you.

Hi, you can define a new configuration attribute and this attribute make it mandatory. Look for this option in the subscribers option in the configuration attributes option.

Thank you very much, rrosenbergg.
There I performed different tests, with check boxes, but I don’t know how to incorporate the legal text that should appear before the checkbox, with the legal data and a link to the privacy policy. I’m sorry.

I think you are misunderstanding the use of these attributes. These are used in the user preferences format. At no time these attributes are displayed in the newsletters or emails that you send to your contacts. In any case, what you want to do must go within the email you are going to send and the links in the same way (understand the legal information and the link to your privacy policy). Check the newsletter template and do this kind of thing there.