How to import default update

When installing phplist via softalicous, the ability to load the default attributes can not be found. I managed to work around it by doing a reinit of the database.

I have a list with over 250 subscibers, It was my first list so I did not have any attributes in the subscribe page.

How can I import the default attributes such as STATE without having to do a reint and loosing my subscribers data?

My plan is to change the signup sheet to have 7 to 9 attributes in the subscribe page.

I believe I could do a reinit and then import just the emails.

@tlchost You add default attributes on the Configure Attributes page

Thanks, but If PHPLIst was installed by softalicous, that option does not appear…it only shows when you reinit the database.

If that;s the case, it seems the only solution would be to save the subscribers, then reinit that database and then import the subscribers.

@tlchost I don’t understand that, can you copy a screenshot of part of that page.