How to get output on sending queue?


I am using phplist 3.3.3. When i create a campaign and queue it in Browser and start sending the queue i get no output while it is sending. I only get output messages in the Browser page, when the queue has finished. Means it shows then what was sent, how many and so on. Even if i enable SMTP output. Is there no possibility to see what it does at the moment? Since i have larger lists and need to delay using throttling the queue takes a while, and i can not see if it still sends or if it stucks and only the Animation is spinning

Thanks for your help.

@marquez You might want to try a different method of refreshing the browser, see to see whether it improves things

add this to your config.php file

define('JSLEEPMETHOD', 1);

Thanks for this hint.

I have tried it, but still same result on the Page: lists/admin/?page=processqueue&tk …

The strange thing for me is, I have started the queue, and it seems to stuck, but in DB I can see it is processing. When I open another Tab with dashboard or similar I, the pageload still also stucks or breaks up. There it does not depends on the browser / Computer. I have used different browser to have a look.

May I have a config problem, why the output also gets no response to display ? (my logic says: when the normal browser call gets timeout, a ajaxcall (if it is made in this way), would also get the same timeout and would not be able to get response to output current state)

Do you may know a “JEDI-WAY” how I need to setup the queue settings (atm we are using 1&1 sending with SMTP, which restricts to 6 mails per minute)

Thanks in advance.

@marquez The best way is to avoid the problem by using a cron job.

But you can try using a smaller batch size to try to make phplist refresh more often. Maybe a batch size of 3 and batch period of 30s might improve the display of output.