How to edit "This is preheader text. Some clients will show" section


I am still testing sending emails. Now just trying to edit be more professional design for template and email text sections.
But I could not find preheader text area to edit.
You know when email comes up to inbox, there is a second line on the subject (you called pre header text)
I would like to edit it every campaign when I send. Is that possiable?
this is preheader text some clients will show

no any idea?
How to remove or edit this predhear area?

Hi, If you click the source icon on the top right of the editor toolbar and search the text you should be able to identify the element that needs to be updated or removed.

Hope this helps,

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It is in the template that you selected on the Format tab. Probably the “simple responsive template”. Having the preheader in the template, instead of the message body, is of no real use, so you may as well remove it.

You might want to look at the Content Areas plugin, which does allow you to enter preheader field for the campaign. On the Manage Plugins page follow the “Find plugins” button.

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