How to easily lookup multiple email addresses in my database?

Is there a way to use the front end ‘Search Subscribers’ to look for several possible email addresses ?

I tried || || …
But this doesn’t work. Perhaps a certain syntax is supported ?

I need to plough through a list of possible honey pot domains to find the one customer that seems to trigger one particular black list service because they are now using an email address that a customer at one time in the past used to buy my product. Sigh.
And obviously the address never bounced or it would have been removed already, long time ago, my consecutive bounce rate threshold is 5.


@ibPeter You can use the Advanced Search provided by the Subscribers plugin to do this, e.g.|

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This plugin requires phplist 3.3.2 or later and php version 5.4 or later.

Thanks Duncan.
Problem is I’m currently still stuck with phplist 3.2.6 because I use the restapi, and updating to a later version would mean having to rewrite all my old stuff making use of the new restapi interface.

So, I take from your response that there is no way to do this unless I use a plugin.
Thanks for the feedback.