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[How-to] Disable translated Language in Admin panel :: Force englsih


The RFCs and all technical terms of reference related to email messaging are English. When using a tool translated into your language, you must translate the terms from your language into the reference language.
This causes distortions that lead to misunderstandings and operating errors.

How to make the Admin panel always runs in English and never use the locale language from browser info.

Setup some options in config.php :

$language_module = '';
define('LANGUAGE_AUTO_UPDATE', false); // Optional
define('LANGUAGE_SWITCH',0);           // Required, op. must not switch

But that is not enough

Browser language detection have to be tricked
Find howto at the end of this post:


@cmakfr You need to set this config entry to 0

# admin language
# if you want to disable the language switch for the admin interface (and run all in english)
# set this one to 0


Thank you, this option is interesting
But after set this to 0, cleaned cookies and php session files…
…Admin backend still remain in locale translated language.
I am probably be missing something ?

I had to turn it back to 1 and do the secret-click-sequence-to-make-the-language-drop-down-menu-appear. A very strange behaviour for this feature :wink:


@cmakfr It does appear a bit complicated but it looks like phplist will use the browser provided language, the Accept-Language http header. See

The only way to use a specific language seems to be through the language switch drop-down.


The documentation about default_system_language suggests us that a default language has been stored somewhere at first burst of Admin panel.

I searched where with no success into files and database.

Any help would be appreciated

(edited for a better expression)


found a dirt workaround:

phpList version 3.4.1
Edit the file /admin/languages.php
Lines 61 & 69 add $setlanguage = 'en';
Line 146 add $detectlan = 'en';

Code extract starting line 56


if (isset($_POST['setlanguage']) && !empty($_POST['setlanguage']) && is_array($LANGUAGES[$_POST['setlanguage']])) {
    //# just in case
    $setlanguage = preg_replace('/[^\w_-]+/', '', $_POST['setlanguage']);
    $setlanguage =  'en';
    $_SESSION['adminlanguage'] = array(
        'info'    => $setlanguage,
        'iso'     => $setlanguage,
        'charset' => $LANGUAGES[$setlanguage][1],
        'dir'     => $LANGUAGES[$setlanguage][4],
    SetCookie ( 'preferredLanguage', $setlanguage,time()+31536000);
} elseif (empty($_SESSION['adminlanguage']) && isset($_COOKIE['preferredLanguage'])) {
    $setlanguage = preg_replace('/[^\w_-]+/', '', $_COOKIE['preferredLanguage']);
    $setlanguage =  'en';
    $_SESSION['adminlanguage'] = array(
        'info'    => $setlanguage,
        'iso'     => $setlanguage,
        'charset' => $LANGUAGES[$setlanguage][1],
        'dir'     => $LANGUAGES[$setlanguage][4],

Next, the detectlan
Starting line 112

if (!isset($_SESSION['adminlanguage']) || !is_array($_SESSION['adminlanguage'])) {
    if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'])) {
        $accept_lan = explode(',', $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']);
    } else {
	$accept_lan = array($GLOBALS['default_system_language']);
    $detectlan = '';

    /* @@@TODO
     * we need a mapping from Accept-Language to gettext, see below
     * eg nl-be becomes nl_BE
     * currently "nl-be" will become "nl" and not "nl_BE";

    foreach ($accept_lan as $lan) {
        if (!$detectlan) {
            if (preg_match('/^([\w-]+)/', $lan, $regs)) {
                $code = $regs[1];
                if (isset($LANGUAGES[$code])) {
                    $detectlan = $code;
                } elseif (strpos($code, '-') !== false) {
                    list($language, $country) = explode('-', $code);
                    if (isset($LANGUAGES[$language])) {
                        $detectlan = $language;
    if (!$detectlan) {
        $detectlan = $GLOBALS['default_system_language'];
    $detectlan = 'en';

    $_SESSION['adminlanguage'] = array(
        'info'    => $detectlan,
        'iso'     => $detectlan,
        'charset' => $LANGUAGES[$detectlan][1],
        'dir'     => $LANGUAGES[$detectlan][4],