How to delete a subscribles from the list?

When I import new subscribles then I have a subscribles dublicated!
My question is: How to delete this subscrible from the system?
Please help!
Have nice day!

Hi, under Subscribers > Manage subscribers > Reconcile Subscribers there is a button to remove invalid emails. That will do this job (and remove all other non-emails too).

It is important to figure out why you have duplicates though. Were you using a foreign key?

There no have a button that give me a chance to delete the subscribles who is duplicated.

What is this foreign key?

Say if you export a CSV of emails and names from WordPress or Prestashop or some place, each person will have an ID. You can use this to synchronise your data between two different systems. There is a bug at the moment affecting this which could create duplicates. There is also a box that if you tick it creates duplicates. When you next import data, take a screenshot of what you are doing before you press “go” and we can help you to make sure you don’t get duplicates again.