How to Delete a completed/sent campaign

I created a campaign and messed up the timing for it to be sent, so I suspended it.
I sent it properly the next time. However, it shows the suspended campaign in my statistics and need to delete it since no emails were sent in the suspended campaign.
How can I delete it?

There is a very convoluted way:

Click the magnifier next to the campaign in the “sent” list.

Click the edit button (click ok to let me be made a draft again)

Save as draft

Then delete it from the daft campaign list by clicking the rubbish/trash bin/can.

This is something only possible in the more up-to-date versions.

That worked great. Thank you very much.

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An alternative route is to install the Campaign plugin from the plugins page.

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I have 3.3.3 and there is no magnifying glass.

How do I delete?

This is very frustrating. . .

3.4.0 and the same problem

Campaigns which have been sent are not deletable by default because it would permanently delete statistics. If the campaign you are sending is a test message, then mark it as such using the provided check box when you are creating your campaign. Then you will be able to delete it later. Other campaigns cannot be deleted by default, and this is by design.