How to created a subscription form on my website?

Hello everyone.

How I can create a subscription form on my website in the following manner?

1- That by giving the subscription button, do not send to installing PhpList. (stay on my website)
2-That the register receives the answer that this successfully subscribed

Hi, did you take a look in the manual? An AJAX form sounds good… not sure how to do that on the self-hosted version though (I use

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Thanks @anna, I go take a look at the manual

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Hi Lester,

You need to know the subscribe page ID, list ID and an attribute for name. All these info need to be added on your html sign up form. It’s easy and can be done :).

Hello @maxwellstephen .

I perform these steps. But I do not want people to register as soon as they are sent out of my wordpress template.

How I can get them to sign up and stay on the same page?

use the wordpress “sign me up” plugin - that keeps them on the same page as they register

Hi Lester,

This is easy.On the subscribe page, scroll down to “thank you” column. Delete the whole content and replace them with below redirect code.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />

replace the url with your intended destination after they subscribed.


That is SO much simpler than some of the other solutions I’ve seen online like hacking into the PHP code, which is not a good idea if you ever intend to upgrade.