How to config. and modify google analytics code?

Hello all, I’m struggling with to config. google analytics code for my campaigns. Unable to locate the option from where can to edit and place new code. It shows GA is config but doesn’t allows to edit it. Please help. Thanks

@manthanrvyas You can edit the google analytics tracking parameters on the Finish tab when composing a campaign.

If that is not flexible enough then you can create a plugin instead of modifying the phplist code. The file admin/analytics.php has the code for google analytics and Matomo. You can copy the GoogleAnalyticsQuery class into a plugin, then modify it. That way, your changes are separate to core phplist.

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Thanks @duncanc for your response. unfortunately on Finish tab it doesn’t allows me to edit google analytics tracking parameters. There’s no such option available for me. It only allows me to select type of tracking from enlisted options i.e. GA and Matomo.
I will give a try creating a plugin instead and get back to you for further help if required. Thank you.

@manthanrvyas There should be a checkbox

On the Settings page you can select between Google Analytics and Matomo.

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