How to change Charater Set?

Hi, Can any one tell me how to change CharaterSet ?

phplist uses UTF-8 for generating emails and for the admin and user web pages.
What problem are you trying to solve by changing that?

i have ready template in html , when i am pushing the template using res api .

then the template gets uploaded till character " & " rest all code get rejected and only i can see code before “&”

...... ( for example i have href :**&**utm_medium=Newsletter**&**utm_term=city**&**utm_name=Newsletter-daily&utm_content=mainoffer) ....................

somewhere in old post i saw that its issue with charaterset

I guess it is a problem with the way that you are sending the data to phplist using the rest api. Are you urlencoding the values that you are sending?

i have re created html template without & and working fine