How to automatically tag all links in phplist?

Hi there,
I saw that it is possible to automatically track all links with Google Analytics parameters.
But is it possible to customize this and edit the utm parameters to change them by something else?
The typical use case is the following one. I would like to track extra parameters to use them in an analytics tool and those parameters will come from the attributes defined in phplist.
Thank you for your answer.

Which analytics tool? Others have suggested Matomo. Currently it’s not possible to customise the tagging using the interface. You’d need to edit the code responsible for this. If you do, please make a pull request on GitHub so others can benefit.

Wow you found the workaround using attributes - nice work!

I’m not sure why the campaign name would be wrong in your video example. If it’s encoded correctly for Matomo in the url you built, then it should work.

Thank you for your help Sam, I wrote an issue about it here:
My video is located here:
One issue I am seeing with my technique is that each link will need to be tagged manually, whereas the idea would be for all links to be tracked.
Matomo supports automatically the utm parameter, but I am not sure how phplist is taking the value of the utm parameters.
In all cases, thank you so much for making phplist available. Great product.

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Thanks for the video… I’m going to watch all of your videos… they all look very interesting!

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Thank you Dan, I will prepare during this summer my first course about phpList (in fact it is an emailing course but with phpList as an example) for my students and will release it on the same video website.

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That’s awesome. Looking forward. Good luck!

@flossmarketingschool Please see this new topic Potential improvement to google tracking and add any suggestions you have.