How to add subscriber via WordPress + Contact Form 7

I’m using WordPress for my website, and using plugin “Contact Form 7” for making the form on website.

However, I would like to hook script to also submit lead via this form to my separate phpList system on another server (different domain) as well…

Question is, is it possible to implement like this, and how to do it?

I’m quite new on phpList, I found that there is “Subscribe Pages” on system but it needs to be running on same domain e.g. http://localhost/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1

@rtee Sorry for the slow reply. There are a few ways you could do this. Many other forum topics exist addressing integrations with phpList.

The short answer is that you probably want to do one of these two:

  • Remotely submit your contacts via http Post to a subscribe page which has been configured for the purpose
  • Use the REST API to make a single call to add new subscribers

Hope that helps.

can you point me to the current specs for this? We’ve been doing a php Curl (http method) for many years. I just upgraded my phplist last week and now this method is failing. Not sure if the URL construct has changed since. Thanks!

Check the change log of the version you updated to (and any intervening versions) to see if changes were made to remote form submission or validation. I think there were a few security improvements last year.

If you’re using curl then you may have been using HTTP POST which I mentioned, already.

You probably saw links like these already:

Sorry, I just found some in-house tweaks some other developers have done during the Jurassic era. I am porting them too see if that works. Sorry 'bout that! It’s been a long week already :slight_smile:

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