How to add Subscribe Page to my website, using phpList Hosted

Greetings, new here! I signed up for the Plus subscription of phpList Hosted. After doing some initial setup and configs, I now need to create and add/embed a Subscribe Page to my website (similar to mail chimp or aweber), and I am using OpenCart ver

I have been reading the manual, and forums, to no avail. Can somebody provide some advice? Or maybe I cant do this with phpList Hosted? I am based in USA, if location means anything.

The workflow I have in mind is this:

subscribe Page --> (all I need to do is copy/paste phplist code into the OC layout). This could even be a subscribe box, if no other choice.

–> Attributes-fields = email address; confirm email address; first name; last name; birthday MM/dd

–> include reCaptcha under the attributes

When visitor clicks submit button, they get to Thank You page (can be from php hosted), and to confirm from link in their email.

Once they confirm, then a Confirm Page, and to send the new subscriber confirmation email including a discount coupon code for subscribing. :slight_smile:

Having a Subscribe page on my website with multiple input fields, makes good use of valuable web space to leverage accurate visitor experience. It is also a part of my Marketing plan to get new subscribers and visitors.

** OR Perhaps I can not do this one simple (to me) task? I am not a coder or engineer, but I do know what I want to do.

Kind regards,

@Serenity When you are logged-in to your phplist hosted account there is a link for Ajax Integration that explains how to add a sign-up form. That is only for the email address though.

Hi @duncanc and thank you for replying. I see that about Ajax integration. My Opencart theme already provides for me to place an email signup widget into the layout. But am looking to do more than be an email aggregator.

FWIW - I read somewhere in the forums, a user whom I think goes by the name @Monica uses a signup widget on her website. Her widget has fields for email, name, etc. I like how it looks, esp. if I can resize and/or re-position it within my layout. Just, not sure if can do this type of widget in Hosted?

For reference, her website I found HERE

I’m certain there are other examples out there.