How to add profile picture to sender of emails?

Greetings. Long time phplist user for University here. Love the project!!

When, as an admin, I send out my emails to a list, how can I add a profile picture to my account?

When people receive my email, in their Outlook or gmail, my email has a default grey picture. How can I add a picture to my admin profile so that when I send out emails, my “sender” email doesn’t have a blank picture?

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Hello, unfortunately phpList does not support adding a Picture for the sender.
However, most clients will show the picture set for the sending address (unless it is a google address as in that case it will only be shown across google products).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The new [CONTACT] placeholder which generates a vcard for you (the sender), sadly does not allow profile pictures.

With attachments enabled in phpList you could attach your own vcard with picture. Not sure about Gmail, however Outlook users would open and add new contact or if the contact exists, they are prompted to update information.