How to add attachment to confirmed / welcome mail?


A client would like to add an attachment into the ‘welcome mail’ for a specific newsletter. (adding free giveaway/coupon). Is there a way to do this with phplist?

I had a short look in the plugin documentation but it is not clear which function(s) should be used to accomplish this task. Can someone help me out a bit?

Do I need to use parseFinalMessage()? Or can is use getMessageAttachment() or subscriberConfirmation() to inject an attachement for those welcome mails?

Appreciate any help!
regards, Vincent

@VinzzB It is not possible to change the “welcome” email in this way. You could try using the Autoresponder plugin to send a campaign a fixed time after someone has subscribed. That campaign can have an attachment.

Follow the Find “plugins” link on the Manage Plugins page to see the available plugins.