How to add aditional options to signup form

for example i want to collect for example the month they are born and then send them autoresponder based on their month, so there would be 12 different autoresponders available

is that possible?

You can collect/store additional information about your subscribers (such as the month they were born in) by using attributes:

I think you should be able to automatically send your new subscribers messages based on their attributes by using the segment plugin and the autoresponder plugin (


Spot on! Exactly as @Marcel says.

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This isn’t the usual meaning of an autoresponder. What you seem to want to do is have some campaigns each of which is sent on the first of a month to people whose birthday is in that month.
Use the embargo date/time to set when you want the campaign to be sent, and the Segment plugin to select subscribers whose birth month attribute is in that month.