How PHPlist tracks confirmations

Hey guys - a small question here - how does PHPList know that a user has already confirmed? IE: the message “we already received your confirmation”?

The reason I ask is I’m testing the crap out of a new install with some little customizations and I need to repeatedly sign up on the list using the same email so I want to purge that fake user completely - but I can’t get PHPList to let me confirm again - it’s always saying “we already received your confirmation” - which defeats the purpose 'cause I’m testing the confirmation email and redirect and all :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

any…anybody know how…to…purge…that?? :slight_smile: :smile:

– Aaron

correct me if I’m wrong but it seems if I do “bulk remove users” and then clear the browser history in the browser I’m using, then I can go through the process again and actually confirm and such.

next is to figure out how to redirect the confirmation page to a page of my choosing - without interupting the confirmation process/sending the confirmation email out. hmm.