How is Billing Done?

Is there a way to find out about billing policies without 1st >Name your phpList Please create a address which will be the permanent location to access and use your account.<?
I don’t know what Permanent Name I will choose, but I do expect highly seasonal use over 2 or 3 calendar months each year, not all consecutive, Do I have to pay in advance before I know how many messages will be sent or subscribers there will be? Does the confirmation for a new, updated, or unsubscribed subscriber count as a charged message? How is billing handles if there is an unanticipated flood of new subscribers? I have other similar questions, and I found various pricing plans, but not how they are to be used.
Thanks, Jim


Sorry no one replied to this, the uncategorised mails go down a black hole I think! Did you resolve this? You can mail me on if not!