How do I integrate the subscribers page into my website?

I have successfully created a subscribers page but now I want it to fit into the look and feel of my website. It mentions in the Introduction section of the user manual that this can be integrated but I cannot find any further info on how to do this.

Hi, what software do you use to make your site? Is it WordPress or Drupal?

Hi Anna. I use HTML in Dreamweaver.

Hi, so your main options are editing the html of the subscribe page like or using the API. I don’t know anything about either of these things, I have always used wordpress plugins before now.

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It is super easy to integrate your phplist subscribe forms to any of your webpages.
Please have a look at my website here I embedded one sign up form on the sidebar and also one pop up sign up form. Let me know what you think of this :smile:
you can view source and simply copy the coding. Contact me if do not know how to.

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Those are some ugly lookin websites my friend :wink:

Hi Anna, i just updated the web I think it is look way much much better now :slight_smile: thanks for commenting. Well, we are still improving though.

Sure… I always used personally.

Have a look on my How to on my own website
This allows for a single email address to be collected without confirmation.

If you do need to have the second confirmation email field, then go to the bottom of the above article and click the link to look at the form with confirmation email page and view source.


Is there a way to subscribe without going to the page PhpList?

Oh no new window opens?

In wordpress, the sign me up plugin

Dear Dragonrider, thanks for sharing I took a look at your web but I think there’s a missing parts on your codes. You didn’t created any attribute to your subscriber’s name so you can’t call or mention their names in the email message. For example, start writing your message with Dear [Name]… and all your subscribers will received avery personalized email like… Dear Anna, Dear Lester, Dear Phatwooza…etc

Let me know if you need my help on this one… :slight_smile:

Are you looking in the right place?
I see it in the example:-

Name: <input type="text" name="name" value = "">
<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">addFieldToCheck("name","Name");</script>

@Dragonrider what you have in the example is just a code that enables your subscribers to enter their name in the form, and of course they will be stored in the system but it wouldn’t enable you to use the function [Name] in your email messages…

It got to be something like this…

<input type="text" name="attribute1"  class="attributeinput" size="40" style="height: 22px"/><script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">addFieldToCheck("attribute1","Name");</script>

Maybe it’s too much that I am showing a screenshot here but I think picture worth a thousands word :smile:

<img src=


If you look at my code, I’ve used name as the attribute name whereas you’ve used attribute1.

I can’t see any difference to be honest. I may well be misreading or misunderstanding what you are saying?

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There’s no way that we can rename the attribute.
By default for the first assigned attribute will be attribute1, and then second one attribute2, attribute3 and so on. In this example, (“attribute1”,“Name”) you can only change the word “Name” that will refer to attribute1 in your database, and maybe for other info (“attribute2”,“Home Address”). But, changing the attribute1 to “name” is not possible in this case.

<img src=


Apologies, I think you could very well be correct. Although the code I wrote worked It looks like I never got around to checking that the name attribute was filled in correctly. But using attribute1 does not work either.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Works for me :slight_smile: thanks

I’m trying to implement the code from Dragonrider’s site:

I’m just copying and pasting, but the confirmation page asks for me to confirm my email address:

The only thing I’ve modified is adding in the hidden field to default to non-HTML email messages, but I’m getting the same behavior regardless of whether it’s there or not.

I’ve been working with this for several days, but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

The above link only asks for one email address, but your site is asking for two including a confirmation address.

You need to use the code from which includes the confirmation email field as well.