How Do I Do A Listserv?

OK, I’ve installed, but I can’t figure out how to do what I want. The instructions are all about “campaigns.” I have no interest in campaigns. I just want to have a system where members of the list can post to it, and have their emails go out to everyone on the list. When I tested it with myself, I got the email, but nothing happens when I reply to it. If there’s no way to make this happen, this software has no value to me.

Sorry to have to tell you, but this is not a use that phpList can be used for.

That’s what I was afraid of. So I wasted my time installing it. Where
can I find software that will do that?


phpList is clearly described as “newsletter and email marketing software” on the front/home page of The front page of specifically refers to email marketing.

In my experience (about 30 years worth), a listserv isn’t really an email marketing thing.

So… you ignored all information about the software, you wasted your own time installing it and trying to make it do something it’s not designed to do, you then wasted the time of forum members here asking about it, you took a negative tone (“this software has no value” … “that’s what I was afraid of” … “wasted my time”) … and then you want us to find software that fits your requirements for you?

I’m sure Google has more patience with your rude behavior than I do. And that’s the polite version of my answer.

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