How can regular admins send their message directly?

Hi Forum,
Simple admins cannot send messages.
They can only place them in the queue.
Only the superadmin has the ability to process the queue.

This is very inconvenient for our elementary school. I would like the teachers, as simple admins, to be able to send their messages directly without interference from the superadmin who has to process the queue.

How can regular admins skip the queue and send their message directly?
(Or process the queue.)

Thanks for a reply!

I would recommend you use a CRON job that is set up to process the queue every 30 minutes and send out any jobs waiting. Then, the simple admins only need to place the job in the queue and it will be processed. I’ve set my to process hourly and only run for 55 minutes. This breaks the job down into byte-sized chunks and lets the admin set the start time by setting the embargo time.
Additionally, I have the CRON job generate a text file containing the results which I can then check when an issue is reported.
Hope that’s helpful,

Thanks again Dougster!

After some more searching, I found this suggestion on the forum:

This is great for me because our server uses Plesk’s server panel.
With this I can call up the relevant web page with the secret token and done.
The time interval is freely definable in Plesk.

Thanks & greetings from the Netherlands