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How can I translate the menu items of the Subscribers Plugin?


Hi everyone,

I have a rather specific question for the experts: How would I have to change the SubscribersPlugin.php file so that the labels for the menu items / page titles get pulled from the respective file in the plugin’s language directory?

I suspect I have to change the following code bit to something including “i18n->get()” but how exactly and what else do I have to add?

public $pageTitles = array(
    'details' => 'Advanced search',
    'history' => 'Subscriber History',
    'subscriptions' => 'Subscriptions',


The translations are now a bit out of date and reflect when the plugin had one page with three tabs instead of three separate pages. Give me a couple of days and I will update the plugin, then you can provide me with the translations for the menu items in French or German.


Great, thanks a lot!

I’ll gladly provide the German translation (not just for the menu items, of course). I have already translated the items which are currently in the language array. Maybe I’ll translate the language files for some of the other plugins as well.


I have made some changes to allow the menu items to be translated. You should update the Subscribers plugin and Common plugin from the Manage Plugins page.

It would be great if you can review the German translation in the file SubscribersPlugin/lan/de_UTF_8.php. The aim is to bring it in line with the English file, en.php, currently there are many items missing.

Also, if you can do the same for Common Plugin in the files CommonPlugin/lan/en.php and de_UTF-8.php.
Then add the modified files to a new reply. I will test the changes and then create a new release of each plugin.


Great, thanks a lot - will do. I’ll try my best with github. If I can’t manage it, I’ll send you the files on here.


No need to bother with GitHub, just post the files here.