How add emoji to a subject line?

When I try to insert an emoji to a subject line it does not save in the campaign. Adding an HTML code of an emoji to the subject line does not help as the code is, apparently, escaped. Is there any way to add emojis?

@enivid It is a restriction of the mysql utf8 character set, which is used by phplist. That allows only a subset of all possible characters and excludes emojis and other symbols.

But emojis are encoded using UTF-8, so it does not explain the problem.

@enivid It is a mysql restriction. Its utf-8 character set does not include the full utf-8 character set. Just google to find further explanation.

I actually use this frequently with phplist

For instance I recently used (copy this in the subject field) :

=?utf-8?Q?YOUR_SUBJECT_HERE =C2=A0=F0=9F=8E=84?=
=?utf-8?q?YOUR_SUBJECT_HERE =F0=9F=92=A1?=

You should get the gist of it with these examples.
The icons in this case are shown at the back of the subject, in case of old email clients that don’t know what to do with it (not that I know of any)

also fyi:


Wow! Thanks a lot! That really answers the question for me.

Sorry for reviving this, but if you’re on a Mac, you can also send yourself an email with the desired subject emojis, and when you receive your email, just hit Command-Option-U on your keyborad and copy the subject…

For example:
:tada: This Is A Test
comes back as:

which you can just copy-paste into PHPList
watch out that not all emojis can be read by all… best check compatibility first on a site like

Hope this helps (sorry again for reviving)

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