Hotmail not receiving anything

So I implemented phpList for a website I’m working on and I seem to get this weird problem where emails are not being sent to hotmail accounts (no confirmation email, nothing). Emails to other accounts such as Yahoo! or Gmail work however. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Perhaps the ip of your mail server is being blocked by Hotmail (Microsoft)? I would look a that first.

Do a test and look at the system log (system, log of events). Did the test get sent?

Then, using the web browser, check your hotmail account and see if the message got delivered (it may be in the junk folder).

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Yes, I agree with @danwaterloo - it sounds like a block. You should get a bounce message saying as much.

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I have that same problem, and all MicroSoft domains (HotMail, Live, MSN, and Outlook) have my numeric Internet Protocol Address on their Blacklist. The numeric I.P. address assigned to my club by GoDaddy or WordPress is also used by 13 unknown others.

@matthewsun You’re most likely blacklisted, look up your IP here at Symantec, Microsoft and Symantec have a relationship. You can also check your IP on a public blacklist checker. If your IP is on a bunch of lists, you might want to ask your hosting provider for a new IP, instead of trying to clean up your current IP.

@jimboylan if you send me your IP, I’ll tell you all the websites that are using it.

There is also some discussion at this title in Aug. and Sep., 2015:

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Henry, thank you for your offer. The Internet Protocol address we are assigned is It seems to have about 12 other users.